Measure your performance in-store

Find out who and how your customers interact with your products in-store with effective reports and dashboards.

Get to know your audience in store

Instore analytics provides a wide range of valuable data which has historically been unavailable to retailers and brands.

  • Analyze your cutomers’behavior

    Understand how your consumers use and handle your products in store to set up actions to improve their experience and results.
  • Get new insights

    Know the number, gender, average age and skin color of in-store customers interested in your product as well as many other metrics by product.
  • Connect your insights to results

    Do A/B testing, uncover insights about how your products are performing, rethink the merchandising or the implementation of promotional devices and in-store marketing.

Get a complete view

Instore analytics highlights what requires your attention on any products in any stores and turns your data into action. - Get actionable insights to drive results - Understand trends and be ahead of changes - Only the information you need

Make data-driven decisions for best in-store sales performance

Understand how customers are interacting with your products and easily share insights across your organisation with customized reports.

  • Handling index

    Measure the number of time a product has been handled by customers
  • Acquisition index

    Measure the frequency with which a product that is handled is ultimately purchased.
  • Path index

    Measures the attractiveness of any of your products in ​​a store.
  • Attractivness index

    Measures the ability of a shelf to transform customers going through this shelf into buyers.

Demographic engine

Instore analytics utilizes computer vision with machine learning to anonymously capture a wide range of data on shoppers demographic criteria like age, gender, and ethnicity. To protect consumer privacy, data is not tied to any personally-identifiable information.

It’s about time your shelf does more than hold merchandise.

The Instore analytics smart shelf collect insight on the trends of your shoppers without the need to tag any product. It fits on any shelf or display.

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